Sunday, October 3, 2010

****Sexy Is Back****

And its all thanks to Frida Giannini this time around....sorry JT

So for those of you who read my very first blog posting, Falling in Love with Rebelling, you would know that I am not a huge fan of the current "Return of the Lady" trend. In fact, as the title suggests, it has pushed me so over the edge that I have developed a new found love of all things leather, spikes, biker and chains....anything with some edge. I mean, why do we want to revist a time where women were  pretty little housewives with cute secretarial jobs. I don't find domestication appealing, I will not cook a honey baked ham with a wonderfully smelling glaze with safron and sides on a regular basis, I don't enjoy Madmen (although I know it is a wonderful attacks please), I don't want a life that revolves around dinner partys for my husband and having babies and I don't want to add any more weight on my body with yards of fabric...I have nothing to hide or conceal. I enjoy knowing that if I wanted to run for office, run a Fortune 500 company or simply just live the life of a travelling fashionista in provocative clothing I can because I am not expected to do aforementioned.

Phew!!! Now that I that my rant is over I can get back to reason for this post. For Spring 2011, it seems lady-like attire has been removed from everyone's train of thought. Many designers have found the 70's as inspiration and..well..I most certainly can live with that era. Designer after designer have shown slimmer and sleeker silhouettes with gorgeous prints, vibrant colors and airy fabrics and I don't really think its only because of the season. And the epitome of this trend, the epicenter of all things 70's sexy cool, goes to Gucci. And seriously, is it really that much of a surprise?

 Just a few pics of some of my fav looks

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Puck Litaay said...

Superb! Love the top.


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