Sunday, October 10, 2010

****What I Wore****

Welcome back chilly nights....

I haven't done a "What I Wore" post in a while and with the nights actually beginning to feel like fall, it seemed pretty appropriate as the wardrobe is beginning to switch up.  Not much to discuss about the weekend either as I have been diligently working on new photos for Naughty Baubles and just relaxing with friends.  I did have a breakthrough Saturday with my best friend's cat Luna.  She pretty much hates my guts and only comes out when she hears the door open hoping its me leaving (its actually quite hilarious as the look of disappointment appears on her face when she sees me sitting on the couch). I'm always trying to win her over by playing with her and talking to her and picking her up but I am sure it has only increased her disdain for me.  Well, when Dominique, my friend, left the room to take a shower, Luna hopped up on the couch and began talking away.  I'd like to think she was telling me that she really doesn't like me but is willing to give me a chance seeing as her mother has been allowing me to enter their home ever since she was alive because next thing you knew I was petting her and she didn't attack.  SO MAJOR!!!!!!  Anywho, as soon as Dominique walked into the room the bonding ended abruptly and we went back to being enemies.  Literally people, she will sit on her cat tree staring daggers through me but at least now I know she can be cordial so hopefully in another 12 years we will have another major step forward in our relationship.

Back to my outfit though which I really love because of the amazing tights.  I scored them for $2 at Target along with another pair.  I normally wear opaque tights (black only) and have really wanted to break into the patterned tights world so when I saw these at that price I figured I couldn't go wrong.  With it being colder at night I was able to layer up (another huge plus about fall) and so I wore my
  • basic black dress from H&M that was $10 and has built in shoulder pads
  • a floral button-down I normally wear to work that I got at work from Nine West
  • a chunky sweater duster from Express that only looks warm
  • my lovely new tights
  • new boots from Joyce Leslie (which were a surprising find as the store tends to be filled with rather questionable merchandise these days)
  • and lastly my go-to waist belt from H&M
I felt warm (a feeling I can't appreciate enough lately as I now take the bus to work and at 5:30am there is a chill in the air as if it should be snowing) and boyfriend thought I looked really cute so it was a win all around.  Oh yeah I also got my eyebrows threaded on Friday.  I have an aversion to eyebrow maintenance as I have had more bad experiences than good.  I went to a booth at the mall that I have gone to before and was happy but unfortunately I can't say I wasn't 100% thrilled this time.  I asked her not to touch the top of my brows. She did. And I think they are too thin. And I think one is thicker than the other but then again I haven't had them touched in over 6 months so maybe I am just completely unaware of what maintained brows should look like.  I will say my boyfriend didn't have a weird look on his face when he came home and my friend never said anything (she has always noticed a bad eye brow job before) so its probably fine.  As they grow in I will try my best to keep the shape going and will count down the days until I go back to NYC and make an appointment with one of those spas featured in Allure or InStyle.  There's no shame in paying top dollar for outstanding brows.

Hope you all had a great weekend and look for the new Etsy images on Naughty Baubles tomorrow along with a few new pieces.

Until then......


Erika said...

You look great Megan! Hmm....I need to get with lil cuz for some major fashion tips...I could def use the help!!

Cynthia said...

Megan, your writing is almost as elegant as you are. Words are so visual and of course even more vivid with the pictures of you. Go Megan... keep those dreams alive... .

Sisi said...

This outfit look amazing on you!
And love the headband to this look.


Veronique Spenser said...

great outfit! love the print of the tights with print of dress! amazing!

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