Sunday, October 24, 2010

****What I Wore****

Its Fall and I do believe I have visited the beach more in this season so far than I did all summer....

Went out to the beach again this weekend to take pictures.  For some reason it looks more picturesque now than it did during the summer...or maybe it's just because I can actually see the sand since it's not being covered by beach goers.  As I was driving into town the weather outside looked perfect. Not to many clouds, the right amount of sun, the perfect temperature.  However as soon as I got out on the beach to take my pics I realized I was completely under dressed and remembered what season I was in.  Anywho, I really like how they came out and you can't really tell I was freezing....although I didn't have one picture where I was smiling.

I've been in the mood for shoes lately and on my lunch breaks this week perused the stores for some really good fall boots that I could wear not only with skinny pants but also with skirts. I did not want a major heel and I needed to stay within budget...which was small people. I found a great pair at Aldo and was really excited.  Come Friday on my first break I began to head over to Aldo to buy my boots but made a quick stop at Charlotte Russe in search of skirt and a chunky scarf (somewhat hard for me to find this year).  Ofcourse I had to stop in the shoe department and watch as a sales associate cracked open a new shipment of footwear and proceeded to put on display a pair of black boots that looked all to familiar.  As I got in closer to inspect I was amazed at how similar they were to the boots I was originally on my way to pick up.  To make a long story short, I picked those boots up plus another pair of Alexander Wang-like lovelies and a skirt all for the same cost as the one pair of Aldo boots.  Now, I am aware of the difference in quality but it's not like I am wearing them everyday so I take the

As for my weekend it was just another chill Saturday that ended on a somewhat frustrating note as my friend and I tried to fix a computer. Actually I would say we attempted to understand a mere fraction of the inner workings of a computer. By midnight I was delirious and when my friend thought that when told to press F8 until a screen appeared she had continually bang on the key, I figured it was time to call it quits.  Besides, she had to be to work by 6AM and her dad had grown tired of our laughter and the problem wasn't any closer to being fixed.

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