Sunday, November 28, 2010

****New Not So Naughty Obsession****

Instead of working on my site when visiting Etsy I've found a new hobby that has been eating up my time...

My latest obsession these days is creating treasuries on Etsy.  Although I've found them helpful in the past when trying to gather ideas for presents, I was never quite sure who was responsible for making them.  And when I was informed that any Etsian had the ability to come up with them I then decided that for me it was bit trivial.  However, that all changed during a small bout of insomnia one night and I lost my treasury virginity.  Not only does it allow me to see so much of the amazing vintage and hand-crafted goodness on Etsy but, there is a certain level of pride that comes from making what you think to be a well curated gift guide and then have it validated by a seller of one of the items or a casual browser.  Now, if any spare time is available you can find me working on new treasury and with such an assortment on Etsy I really don't think I will ever run out of items to use or themes to work with.

So far I have four treasuries
Click on the links and check them out if you get a chance but watch out....they are extremely addictive

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