Sunday, December 12, 2010

****What I Wore****

I never thought the day would come when I would truly find a need for the long skirts that have somehow remained in my closet....but alas the day has come

I would have to say that for many years my style seemed to side with the more hoochier of trends.  And those years in question would be the glorious days of middle and high school.  Luckily I have since crossed over into the dark side of fashion but I do love a good body-con dress or mini skirt and heels.  So I was shocked when one day a few years back I bought this skirt.  It was simple, high-waisted, snug and...most importantly...on sale.  Yet once it made its way out of the shopping bag and found a permanent home within my chaotic closet it got lost and sadly wasn't missed.  In the weeks leading up to me and my boyfriends Vegas trip, however,  my closet was gutted and autopsied revealing articles of clothing so unfamiliar I swear they aren't mine and, surprise, the lovely maxi skirt.  After much debate, and the realization that the annoying monthly friend of mine may come along for the vacation, I decided it was a safe bet.  

After Vegas the skirt found itself lost again only returning to the outside world on occasion.  Recently though, in a crazed search for a short black skirt, I found it again and something was different about....I actually wanted it.  So I brought it out of the bottom of the wardrobe and up to the top shelf so that I couldn't lose it again...diligently planning on the perfect pairing for it.

But now I will digress a moment and turn to another look I never really thought I would get into.....THE TURBAN.  Now I am no stranger to the turban as every night I wrap my hair up in a scarf cocoon of sorts to keep it sleek for the next day but its not like I'm running out of the house with it on my head.  And like many of you guys out there, I distinctly remember my grandmother's drawer filled with turbans of different materials and patterns that she would chicly wear within and out of the house. However, despite my immediate reservations, I have not been able to get the picture of Ashley Olsen sporting her take on the turban out of my head.

I absolutely adore the scarf, her hair, everything about this look and...i know...its only a headshot.  This fashion maven isn't the only one sporting the look either.  Its all over the runways for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 and its an apparent fashion must according to so many others.

Its not a new trend but like so many others it has once again began to boil and...well...I want in.  So as I continued to ponder what to wear with my long forgotten maxi skirt, I had an ingenious idea (it wasn't ground breaking but it felt like it as I was standing up on a ceiling-touching ladder hanging red ornaments over my mannequins), why not pair them both together for a gypsy/pirate look.  Now I did not go fully theatrical with it but you get the idea.

And just so you guys are aware..its officially winter.  I went to this spot to take pictures since I love the background.  I've used it before HERE and HERE but had to stop thanks to an extremely creepy guy that tends to hang out in the gazebo.....ALL DAY.  So I prayed he too thought it was freezing and would be a no show and he was thank god.  However as I walked over to the location my body began to go thru increasing  intervals of cold and I found it rather difficult to set the timer on my camera so the mini photoshoot was cut short.

On another note can I just say it has been far too long since my last What I Wore post.  Its not that I'm not wearing clothes.  In fact I've been really sticking to my motto that..."If Carrie can wear it out so can I" and my heels haven't seen so much play.  I just find it really difficult to remember to take a moment and snap a pic.  I'm definitely going to start leaving a sticky note on all the doors telling me to stop and snap the moment.  

Any who...till the next post


mellisaphie said...

you look fab!! adding the turban is perfection. how did you make it?

Jade said...

loooove everything about this outfit!

shirley said...

woww your body looks amazing in the maxi dress! it always looks incredibly comfortable :)
I'm still afraid of the maxi cause I'm super short.. and dragging on the floor. oh my..

Maria Clelia said...

this picture is such inspiring and beautiful, i love it!
thank you so much for the comment of my blog!
Stay tuned!

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