Thursday, January 20, 2011

****Hello Again....****

Okay so I've been MIA for what seems like an eternity and I truly want to apologize.  First things first I will start off by saying Happy New Year.  I hope your first 20 days into the year 2011 have been wonderful and I hope it continues throughout. What have I been doing since my last post almost a month ago you may ask?  Working.  I know, it sounds so boring but hey it has to be done.  I have also been making big plans for NaughtyBaubles.  New ideas for pieces, new concepts to get the word out, some really cool DIY's for spring/summer and....a GREAT giveaway. Lets just say I am extremely focused.

However... That doesn't mean I can't have a little fashion fun.  With Fall 2011 getting ready to show in February, Pre-Fall has slowly been trickling out and onto the web.  Despite complete discontent with the current weather (snow, ice, and cold are so over rated) and my realization that I tend to get claustrophobic under too many layers, I can't help but get excited for that brief season after it gets way too hot and just before it gets way too cold.  First up on the list is a favorite of mine.  


Such a streamline and flattering silhouette, I am already on the hunt for the perfect slim flare pant and obi belt.  Plus, so many put out great slim maxi dresses last year I can probably get a great deal on a few simple ones now. All I know is I can always count on Bailey to offer something to crave and I can't wait to see the big fall collection.

Till next time.........

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Cylia said...

before I die, I have to own one piece of a burberry prorsum collection.. so pretty.

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