Sunday, January 30, 2011

****What I Wore****

So, I'm thinking if I just ignore winter, maybe she will just go away and allow spring to come early.

Wishful thinking I know, but if you could see how I've been dressing this winter (and wouldn't that be great if I diligently documented my looks the way I really should) then you can easily see no lack of effort in this train of thought.  I haven't bought a winter coat and have instead layered spring coats with fur vests and relied on one of my trusty motorcycle jackets.  According to my dad he has seen more of my legs currently then he did all summer and I've recently decided I have way to many jeans as I have barely touched any of them in the few past months.  I would die without my leather shorts and lace-up boots and have recently taken a great interest in sheer and patterned tights.  Either way I am part of a one woman revolution against this season and have taken things so far I am willing to risk hypothermia and frost bite to get my point across.  

On another, less severe note...I've finally seen Black Swan and I do believe it is my favorite movie.  Up there with Breakfast At Tiffany's and Mary Poppins.  It was dark and beautiful and Natalie Portman portrayed character I never really thought she could. Despite her being an amazing actress, sometimes you just can't see it and I really, really enjoy watching actors/actresses take on roles that compromise(???) their own personalities.....that take them to a place within themselves they have never truly tapped into during a happy period in their lives.  Anyone can play middle-aged woman on the quest for love or a forever bachelor who finally meets "the one."  But it isn't easy to play a tormented individual who is their own worse enemy and make it so believable you could swear it was a true story for them.  Okay, I'm getting a little to analytical for this Sunday Morning as I am only working off of one cup of coffee so again let me just say....I LOVED THE MOVIE and if you haven't seen you should go now. Literally.

Now on to the reason for this post, what I wore.  

Jacket-Forever 21, Flannel -Arizona Jeans(J C Penny), Lace Bandeau-Guess, Leather Shorts-Forever 21, Shoes-Wetseal, Ring-Charlotte Russe, Beaded Bracelets-Handmade by Best Friend, Leather/Chain Bracelet-Fossil, Necklace-NaughtyBaubles

Okay so maybe when I left the movie in the early evening I was a tad bit cold but I will suffer for my cause.......WINTER IS OVERATED


Banhannas said...

I saw Black Swan and I never felt so involved yet so scared of something in my entire life...
I feel like plaid gets misrepresented once winter hits, very refreshing to see someone rocking it. =0D

Anonymous said...

loving the plaid and black, cute blog!
come visit COSMICaroline soon and see the brand new layout, revamped looks, and the work of my new photographer!


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