Saturday, February 19, 2011

****Politics As Usual - Shopping Diary 1****

As if the rising gas costs aren't enough, now my clothes are going up too....Good thing I've already scored a handful of great items.

My morning routine (that starts at 4 AM) always begins with a cup of coffee and the news.  I find myself fascinated with politics even though I feel completely cheated by them everyday and never played a roll in any election.  I get reamed out after this statement every time I utter it but I have never been compelled to register and haven't been compelled by a candidate to do so.  But enough of this and back to the main reason for this post.  The other day the news was depressing as usual but my ears perked up when they began to talk about the soon to increase cost of raw materials.  Why you may ask?  Well one of those raw materials was cotton and the point of this particular news segment was to warn consumers that in the very near future prices will rise on far to many items.  By now I have finished my coffee and have begun to get dressed for work and I had a very interesting thought.................................


Now this one particular news brief didn't make me defrost the credit card in the freezer or anything but with that warning and the plethora of amazing end of season sales that have been going on and my birthday last week, I have to admit I did some damage.  




Oh yes!!! My very first pair of Chanel's that will be perfect for the spring and summer. When I purchased my Balenciaga's from the Barney's Outlet I saw them but decided the Balenciaga's should be the first purchase of the day.  I left them feeling satisfied but a week later I still couldn't get them out my mind and on my way to visit the parents, I stopped by the store and to my surprise they were still there.  I knew it was meant to be but I also noticed a whole slew of other steeply discounted shoes all perfectly displayed on IKEA like fixtures and I couldn't help but peruse the selection.  I was happily trying on Lanvins and Wangs when another, more anxious, shopper entered my happy place and began shopping right under me picking up whatever I put down practically before they touched the shelf.  Instantly a deep from within hoarding characteristic kicked in and before I knew I had six pairs of shoes in a corner I deemed my territory.  The other shopper was wary of the boundaries I created but hovered a little too close for comfort.  A little angered and slightly rushed I went for what I came in with and not even after 10 seconds of replacing the shoes did she immediately rush over to see what she could grab. Unfortunately for her, what she wanted was what I left with and with the last size situation going on with all the shoes she lucked out.  Apparently it was meant to be and when a pair of $950 Chanel Tomato Red Platform Sandals goes on sale for $130 you do not pass them up.

Adorable poncho from Forever 21

Perfect cream boyfriend blazer from H&M


Oh yeah, as I was waiting for the sales associate to grab the box for my shoes I quickly browsed the organized sale racks (I emphasize this word only because of the increasing disaster that is most stores sale section) and happened across this amazing lil number. I have been looking for a nice jumpsuit for almost a 2 years now but never found one that looks perfect on.  It either looks great from the front but horrific from behind or is cropped at a weird lenghth.  After trying this on and loving it immediately I, again, knew it had to be. Besides it was $30 down from $225!!!

 Lastly, another amazing find from H&M.  The $7 leather shift dress which I have already styled with one of my new Naughty Baubles pieces HERE.  Outside of Barneys, with there perfectly well kept sale section, I've kinda given up on over crowded sale racks/sections.  Not too long ago I would be the one person hoarding the sale section, fiercely navigating through the many articles of clothing, many partly destroyed, and finding so many items to try on that the only option left is to use your whole arm as a rod to hang them on (true story, ask my best friend whole left arm was nothing but hangers and I was still shopping). Lately, though, I've been finding myself less than motivated to attempt them.  Actually I've been less than motivated to shop any over crowded store especially if its busy.  I don't want to fight, I don't want to shop off the floor (Forever 21 this is hinted at you) and since most of my shopping is done on one of my lunch breaks I really don't have the time to do either.  This has led to quick, man-like shopping excursions in which I get in the store and out in 30 min.  However, when I purchased this dress, I saw H&M's organized sale racks with all its color coded glory and figured I could manage.  Needless to say I am happy I did.

All in all I think I did pretty good shopping this birthday.  I also picked up Dr. Wexlers Anti-Aging/Acne 3 step regimen since I am experiencing frequent breakouts, some new pillows that are dreamy and a new shower curtain that is boyfriend-friendly.  Anywho just wanted to share my great deals and now its back to making new items for Naughty Baubles.  I've been pretty absent on the blogging scene but I really want to get a ton of new merch up on the store by next month.....sorry :( but I'm always on twitter showing snap shots of whatever I'm working on so stop by and FOLLOW ME!!!  I always return the favor :)


Zuzia said...

good buys, especially like the aldo shoes and forver 21 poncho ;)

carizzachua said...

omg the boots from Aldo, omg omg *snatches*

Banhannas said...

OK, so I've been trying to find an excuse to go shopping and "Because things are on sale" is not a good enough reason. I'm going to use your excuse, maybe my bf won't give me his usual eyeroll. LOL!
Good for you in shopping for a good cause! Loved that you finally got reunited with your Chanel ... it was totally meant to be. =0>

shirley said...

OMG I AM SO JEALOUS OF THE CHANEL SANDALS! They are so gorgeous and the price is amazing. I seriously wish they had these outlets in Canada... Guess I should go road tripping soon. Anyway, I love all your purchases. You have really good taste :)

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