Sunday, March 20, 2011

****Can't Stop Smiling - What I Wore****

Its the first day of Spring and I'm elated.  However, in the rush I was in taking these pictures in the back of our complex without being spotted, ogled or harrassed, this pleasant feeling is somewhat lost so please excuse the lack of smiling.......its all on inside :)

I absolutely love this dress.  Ever since I saw Gisele in this dress I knew I had to have it.  Its flowy, its pink, it has a print, its fitted on top and the back is divine. 

And what better reason than it only being $19.99....I mean it really doesn't get any better than that.  This spring, like most seasons that have past, H&M will see me regularly.  They hit the nail on the head in terms of what I want to wear and they happen to be the only brand right now, in my price range, that does this consistently.  I do want a different pair of shoes than what I originally wore but slightly different than the ones currently in stores so let the hunt begin.  Also, if you haven't already seen the "Collection In Movement" video H&M put out, feast your eyes below and prepare to drool a bit.

Oh.....and if you haven't already entered...NAUGHTY BAUBLES GIVEAWAY


Lipstick Diva said...

OMG that dress is amazing it would look great on video!

Shilpi said...

wow beautiful dress!



Ima said...

that dress is beautiful! too bad there aren't any h&m in my country :(

ideology said...

You have such a gorgeous sense of style! Keep on creating!

Joka said...

love ur pictures!!!kiss from serbia

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