Wednesday, March 2, 2011

****Current Obsession****

I haven't painted my nails or sat down for a mani in what feels like a lifetime and unfortunately I can't actually say I miss it.  However......

Thanks to the latest Sally Hansen one step manicure I may just start getting back into it.  

I'm a complete magazine junkie and constantly flip through all the beauty ads claiming to make my hair shinier, my lips smoother, my skin clearer and the world a better place without to much thought.  I can't say that a bathroom chock full of serums and bronzer is appealing and I am a complete skeptic when it comes to the many claims the ads in question make.  It seems that each time I get pulled in, I am either disappointed or wind up with some sort of beauty emergency that ruins the weekend (this includes you natural, sulfate free and nourishing shampoo that instead made my hair as brittle as the snack).  Because of this I just stay clear and stick to what I know.  This is especially true with make-up.  Despite receiving boat loads of freebies from my job, I just pack it into one cosmetic bag after another relying on my favorite mascara and a dab of lipstick under my all time fav blistex (I know...its sad).  And when it comes to my nails, despite the endless supply of nail color, I pretty much stay all natural.  My job makes this decision all the more easier as I work constantly with my hands and any effort to beautify them would be pointless.  No amount of top coat and hand cream can keep the hard work from chipping or peeling. Plus what's the point in making ones nails pretty when the hand that keeps them is riddled with evidence of manual labor? Beyond that people, I couldn't paint within the confines of my nailbed if a hundred guns were pointed at my head.

So believe me when I say it came as a shock to be lured in by Sally Hansen's ad in my latest Elle.  There new product boasts to give professional and creative manicures in one easy step....peel of and rub on.  Its simplicity had me and a slight anticipation came over at the idea of having interesting nails again. That day I headed over to Target, picked up a pattern I liked and on Friday night I gave it the good old college try.

First off, I am happy they give you more than 10 as it was a wee bit tricky for me to keep the freshly peeled off nail polish sheet from attaching to my bed.  After about 30 minutes though I looked down at my hands and felt giddy all over.  Have you ever noticed how differently you handle things when your nails are done?  I had forgotten that feeling and I do believe I missed it.  

All in all I would give this product a 10.  Especially after going through two complete days at work and still having a manicure. I can't wait to try out some of their bold tangerine and magenta colors I also saw.  I am thinking about mixing the solid colors with a print on one nail... so daring right (hahahaha)


Mimi said...

They look awesome! Its good to know they give more than 10 becuase I'm sure I'll mess them up at first;)
Aesthetic Lounge

kitoiré said...

I really want to get some of the cool wraps off of ASOS!

Tereza Anton said...

I love your blog and your style.
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Please take a look if you want and if you like it please follow and I will follow you back.

Jade said...

omg those are soo cool!


Amira said...

Like your nails) Follow you! Follow me?

Ellinor Forje said...

I love the intricate pattern. Thanks for sharing the photo and drop by me too, soon.


carizzachua said...

woooaaaah im really amazed with the color and the pattern!

Leather & Lace said...

omg amazing nails! and cute ring!

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