Tuesday, March 29, 2011

****Did Someone Say Sale...****

In celebration of Spring, I'm holding a lovely sale on tons of baubles sure to put a smile on your face......

A Paris Avec L'Amour Bracelet Set  MORE 

Fly Away Silver Feather Earrings   MORE

Fight To The Death Leather and Agate Necklace   MORE

Does Your Chain Hang Low Necklace   MORE

Far From Jaded Necklace   MORE

Oh My Leather and Pearl Necklace    MORE

Silver Lining Necklace    MORE

Tied Down In Chains Necklace    MORE

Mixed Metal Rising   MORE

The Unusual Acorn    MORE
Just click on the link for more pics and go ahead and splurge a deserve it :)

1 comment:

carizzachua said...

love those earrings!!!

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