Saturday, April 2, 2011

****Lighten Up - What I Wore****

 Felt a little bit of cabin fever today and decided to just get out and go for a ride.....


(Jacket-H&M, Shirt-Forever 21, Jeans-Pac Sun, Belt-Fossil, Jewelry-Naughty Baubles, Shoes-Fendi, Sunglasses-Forever 21)

I've been dealing with quite a conundrum with my hair lately.  Its been rather unsightly between the extremely dry scalp, the ragged ends, its overall unhealthy presence and my only thought has been to cut and try again.  Unfortunately it took so long for me to get it even where it is now after years of inhumane torture and when I feel I have made up my mind I am reminded of our struggle together and I back out.  Still I want..rather need..a change.  Enter in the lovely crimping iron from Target.  I've been looking at it for about a month wondering just how it would work on my hair and, at my wits end, decided to just go for it.  I am so happy I did as I love the result.  I also picked up a small bottle of Carol's Daughter Curling Creme.  Now naturally, I do relax my hair, my hair is not curly so to speak and I tend to have this expectation that curling creme will magically change the texture of my hair and I will have a head full of wild ringlets. Coming back down to reality though, this creme did do a number on my damaged strands.  It completely detangled it making it ever so easy to come through it. My blow drying time was cut down and it was quite soft.  Normally after blow drying I flat iron first before styling but this time I went straight to the crimping tool since I wanted the end result to have quite a bit of volume.  An hour and a half later I loved the way it came out.  The only thing is now I have to figure out exactly how to get it to last longer since this morning again I had to re crimp it (and I did use heat protectant spray).  Anywho, this look will definitely get me through the current indecisive moment.

Oh yeah, the shoes are another one of my once in a lifetime scores...Fendi's for only $60 at the Barneys Outlet.  I got them about 2 years ago for my birthday.  Gotta love a great deal.

Hope your weekend is going well so far and if you have some free time, take a small trip over to my Etsy store where I've recently started a sale on a ton of great jewelry.


lydeeloo said...

saw your posts on chictopia and loved it so decided to check your blog :) great look, i seriously do love those pants. and i love the hair, the crimping looks really good on you! and oh my gosh amaaazing deal on those shoes. xoxo

shirley said...

I actually love your hair! Glad that you found a short term solution to your little hair conundrum, lol. I've been really loving the crimped hair look lately too, so I've been going to bed with braided hair for awhile.

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