Monday, April 18, 2011

****Strappy D'Orsays and Denim****

I've come to realize that I have worn more jeans since the official beginning of Spring than I did all winter.

Maybe even including fall...

(Ruffled Silk Trimmed Cardigan - Petticoat Alley, T-shirt - Forever 21, Leather Belt - Fossil, Distressed Patchwork Denim - Rugby, Strappy D'Orsay Style Sandals - BCBG, Sunglasses - Forever 21)

This weekend, while out with my friend, it was brought to my attention that I was in fact wearing jeans, something that was completely absent in my A/W 2010-11 wardrobe rotation.  I really hadn't noticed but I do find their revival quite amusing in terms of its timing.  The one season when bare limbs are completely appropriate and I find myself covering up.  But anywho, the last three outfit posts featured denim and this time around I am sporting a more rugged pair that I absolutely love ( for more reasons than them being a gift from my boyfriend....which alone is enough).  They have the skinny boyfriend fit to them and boast some of the best detailing.  Leather and plaid patches, distressed marks, cool stitching and discoloration...what more could you want?  Plus, I love the way they look with these cream heels I found in the back of my closet.  Never worn and completely forgotten, these BCBG sandals are comfortable and apparently a great deal since I must have gotten them at DSW on the clearance rack (the bold yellow tag reading additional 80% off sticker price kind of gave this one away).  I'm just happy I paid attention to the shoes before I threw them in the consignment pile.

That's all for now and c u next post...

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Jade said...

super cute outfit, and I love those long earrings you have for sale :)


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