Thursday, June 23, 2011

****Legs On Parade - DIY Skirt****

So,at some point during my usual streetstyle blog perusings I came across these pics.....

and lets just say I became a little obsessed with slits. 

Really obsessed...

I talking so obsessed I didn't even think twice about taking my perfect fit black maxi skirt and putting a pair of super sharp, straight from the store sharp, scissors to it in an attempt to ensure I became a member of the mile high slit club. 

Blouse-Bar III(Macys), Skirt-Express, Tights-Hue, Boots-Wet Seal

Thankfully I'm extremely satisfied with the end result and it was actually quite easy to do. 

If you want to try it out yourself.....
  • First you need to find willing participant.  Skirt or dress it doesn't really matter
  • Next you want to get a pair of good scissors
  • While wearing the skirt mark where you want the shortest length to fall (I did so by snipping the section with the scissors)
  • You also want to mark the path from that section to the bottom hem...the path of graduation so to speak (again I made a few snips down the skirt)
  • Now let the cutting commence and remember, slow and steady wins the race
  • Lastly throw it and go party!!!
I can't wait to wear this baby out but am now looking for the perfect sheer maxi, with multiple layers, to create a really dramatic version.  And although I don't mind DIY'ing (there's nothing more rewarding than wearing something you've made) I find it rather annoying that when a trend I'm partial to is identified I have to scour various retail locations that claim to provide "the latest" or "on trend" merchandise only to discover they sell the same crap from last year just like every other store in the vicinity or they chose to follow another trend.  Now clearly this open slit skirt is available and most likely there are some that fall within a certain price point deemed reasonable by the likes of Vogue or Bazaar but unfortunately its still out my ever diminishing shopping budget.  This is exactly what happened about 2 or 3 years ago when I found myself pulling out teeth looking for leather shorts.  I looked everywhere and only managed to find the $100+ variety and most of those were found online.  It wasn't until last year that I was able to locate a couple pairs in store.  I guess that means technically I could wait a while and hope to find one but I've kinda lost my patience with that sort of


    kirstyb said...

    i lveo all of these great inspiration x

    MaggieW said...

    great!!!!!!!! awesome inspiration!!!

    Ellinor Forje said...

    And you wear it well. I'm totally feeling the outfit. Thanks for sharing the photos and hope to see you at mine soon.

    Michele Alger said...

    I love how you show off those lacy legs! How FUN!! Thanks for sharing, and I have to agree with you on style finding. It's usually the year AFTER looking for somethig that I finally find it. *sigh*

    le sorelle said...

    This was awesome! It was totally worth cutting up the maxi skirt! I love the lace tights with it, too! :)

    sorelle in style

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