Saturday, July 30, 2011

****Easy As Pie****

Just a quick DIY  to add some color to your look this Saturday

What You Need:
  • Colorful elastic trimmings or hair bands (Goody makes a ton)
  • Beads (I know you must have a ton of random beads lying around from all those DIY projects)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue

So despite running around to every local fabric store, I couldn't find colorful elastic.  Luckily one craft store sold a pack of these headbands for decorating and they were on sale.  If you can't uncover colored elastic either then stop by your nearest drugstore or hair care store and grab a pack of these, the color range is great. 

Once you have your supplies:

-Cut the elastic a little bit larger than the width of your wrist..a little larger if you want it to fit more like a bangle

-Tie off the edges and BEFORE you pull either side to tighten the knot add a dab of fabric glue to inside of the knot for a bit more security

-Give it a good tug on each side of the knot and trim off the excess as close to the knot as possible

And your done!!

Obviously with it being such a simple DIY your gonna want to make more than one and if so go ahead and add a bead or two.

So before you step out today make a few of these and wait for the compliments


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it doesn't look nice to me :(

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