Saturday, July 23, 2011

****Look Of The Day****

You know its been to long since your last post when the blogger screen looks completely unfamiliar and although you know exactly what to do to post, you find yourself hesitant about every click. 

Okay so it has been quite a while since my last post but maybe that statement is a bit exaggerative.  I will say that I completely forgot what a hassle it is to upload a photo with blogger and almost went into a mini panic thinking something was wrong with my computer.  But to keep you up to date with the happenings of my absence I have, in the past few weeks...

  • Went for a promotion at my job that will take me out of the visual aspect and focus more on the merchandising (thankfully I have my jewelry, my blog and all of you lovelies to continue to fueling my creative needs) but will offer me the challenge I so require from my job.  Some people can just go to work everyday in this monotonous fashion collecting a paycheck week after week without once feeling bored.  Me on the other hand I have employee ADD and boredom at work puts me into the worst mood ever.  It ruins days, puts a damper on weekends and makes me restless.  I need to be challenged at work especially now that I am out of school and if I'm not it seems pointless.  And one would think that it would be well received, the notion that one would want to move up within a company but during this process, and yes I do mean process, I've come to feel that I would have been much better off quitting and then reapplying for the position as an outsider.  Nonetheless you have to work for what you want and my skills and work history along with my work ethic are on my side.
  • got the worst summer cold ever that I thought was gone (last night I woke up in a coughing fit) 
  • dealt with the two losses that deeply affected my parents
  • went to the annual local festival of sorts with fireworks and had the best time with friends and family that came to an end much like my first night with bottle of long island....sorry in advance for the pic quality

just wishin the world would stop

  • started working on new pieces for my Etsy shop (YAYYY!!!!)
  • and really trying to figure out how not to melt on the drive home from the heat
 So one could say that I've been pretty busy but my internal system has rebooted and its back to business as usual which means its back to blogging and although I have been MIA I haven't stopped thinking about this blog.  With a full year since my first post coming up I really want to get back to the original reasons for its creation so I have a lot of work to do.  

And finally we can get to the original reason of this post...what I wore today.  After battling a bit of an upset stomach this morning (damn you sudden adult lactose intolerance and the midnight red velvet cake feast) I managed to get out to pick up a few supplies and help out a stranger with a car towing fee(you never know when it could be you so why not help if you can right).  Because of the heat, getting dressed is somewhat of a hassle as nothing can keep you cool in 100 degree weather.  However I did try in my new Forever 21 high-waisted denim shorts that I am in love with.  Paired with a thin tank and these really cool new cut-out wedges I did just fine. Add one feather accessory that's been dying to be worn since the day I made it and you have one great day.....

Hope your Saturday is going great and see you next post :)

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Anonymous said...

cute shoes for the look of the day =3

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