Wednesday, July 6, 2011

****Weekend In Review****

I can't say it was a great weekend for me or a great week really but I won't bore you with the details.  A few highlights did include spending some the weekend with my boyfriend, always a cheerful time and doing some supply shopping although I did carry that out in an emotional state and didn't actually get what I needed (wah).  I also picked up these really cute gold brogues by Material Girl at Macys.  They are super comfy, lace up and were only $10.  A good deal always puts a smile on a fashionista's face.

I took a nice drive to clear my head and found a somewhat secluded but completely open parking lot to snap a few pics.  This way it didn't look like I was up to no good like last time..hahaha.  Other than that I've been busy redoing my Etsy Store retaking item pictures so the overall appearance is much brighter and I just got the Sale items together for Christmas In July.  If you haven't checked out the shop yet you definitely should especially since I've been sprinkling in some Vintage pieces here and there.  

I have a busy weekend ahead and am really looking forward to the weekend after that as I do believe me and the bestie are heading into the city!!  Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and look forward to checking out all of your lovely postings.

Till the next post....

P.S. As much as I love summer am I the only one finding it rather impossible to maintain a decent hairstyle?  I try to get up super early to put the waves in my hair and half way through the heat kicks in overtime and I can literally watch them flatten out....hence the undone ends in the pics above.  Its getting to be a little annoying and I've since then resorted to putting my hair up which I made a point to stop doing....what good is all the hair if I'm just going to keep it hidden as my dad says?!?!

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