Wednesday, September 21, 2011

****Sequin Militia****

Who said sequin hot pants are only for girls on stage and New Years Eve... I think they can be highly appropriate for everyday use.

Parka - Wet Seal, Sweater - Vintage, Sequin Hot Pants - XXI, Shoes - Wet Seal, Necklace - Macys

Forgot to post these from this past weekend.  We took a nice long drive out to the casino and although there were plenty of great places to snap a quick outfit pic, I had to wait until we were on our way home and all my natural lighting gone.  I did try the T J Maxx parking lot where I snagged the coolest bracelet that me and my boyfriend will probably end up sharing (in his defense it technically is a man's bracelet with its thick black leather and carbon fiber accents and he did spot it in the case but after he controlled his inner voice telling him to buy I gave in to mine). I also tried snapping a couple pics in bare garage at the casino but unfortunately as I was taking the pictures some jerk off decided to park right next to if he didn't see my conveniently positioned camera in front of me and clear camera pose.  It wasn't until the last stop of the night that I had some uninterrupted time to document my wares only to be left with less than stellar image quality because my camera sucks at night. So sorry for the crappy pics  and back to that new bracelet...

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