Monday, October 3, 2011

****Birds Of Sorrow - What I Wore****

Despite the extreme sunlight on what really was a cloudy day (isn't it so apparent that I'm in need of a new camera), my weekend was not all that happy.  As of last Monday my very ill cat Salem has been missing and me and my parents are taking it that he has passed on.  We would have celebrated his 18th birthday this Halloween..since he was a sneaky little black cat and we got him the week before Halloween it just seemed right...and it is really sad.  Last month my mom took him to a vet to with concerns about his constant vomitting and constipation and, like every time before through out his life, was sent home saying that he possibly had a fiber problem of sorts.  We switched foods and for a few months he would be okay and then like clock work he would start to get sick again.  It wasn't so much a problem as a kitten but for the past 8 years it has just progressively gotten worse.  Most recently though, he started losing weight and patches of fur on his legs.  He has always been an indoor/outdoor cat since he was little and we have never had a problem with him not returning home so ofcourse we are thinking the worse.  The 8yr old inside of me keeps telling myself that he will come home but I'm having a hard time believing it.  I would have just liked it if he had passed in the home with us instead of somewhere strange.....

My mom didn't tell me anything about his disappearance until I went home to visit them on Sunday.  Looking back my outfit was more fitting for my mood later on throughout the day than when I got dressed. He was my only pet not counting my pet worms and another cat Tanesha who took off after only a week alone with my dad and we did have some amazing times together.  We climbed trees together when I first got him, he ran away from ice cream trucks and squirrels, had a favorite toy that actually was one half of a plastic Easter egg that covered just about his whole face when he would carry it around and would puff up and his at shadows in corners. He went to college in Boston with me, developed a sneaky habit of hiding things under the rug, made toys out of anything that slid on the hardwood floors, realized that he could break our wine glasses by leaning on them while they hung from the holder over the bar, oh and learned that if we wouldn't let him outside he could just slit a hole in the screen window and jump off the roof. He lived in Virginia with my parents for a few years and was completely weirded out by the geckos that ran across the yard.  I could probably right a book about all the fun memories I hold about him...

I will now get back to my outfit to prevent breaking into sobs again....

In my last post I talked about the acrylic chain bracelets I have been seeing all over the place in fashion week street shots and I just had to have one.  I came across some old chain links but only in black.  I plan on scouring Etsy to find the chain in tortoise and other colors.

Again I still need to post my polymer clay jewelry DIY!!! The bird pendant was made last week and was my first one with these adorable cookie cutters that I found.  Using the bird one, I made a necklace and pair of earrings as a gift for my friend....hope she likes!!! Oh and the ring is a sample of a ring currently on sale HERE

I have a bit of work to do on the Etsy store so I'm just going to dive into that right now but I will leave with a hint to check back tomorrow evening....One thing that always makes me happy when I'm down and out is doing something nice for another.


Giveaway time!!!!!!


Kimberly said...

great outfit love the dress with the leather jacket!

Dale said...

What a great outfit, the leather jacket is so chic and the dress is perfect on you. Sorry to hear about your cat, Salem. That must be really hard since I know what you mean, it's always sad when a pet is just gone,

Mikimoto Angel said...

Hey your pet is so cute! I just love cats a lot.

You look pretty on this ensemble. I love that yellow had a surprise appearance on your black and gray outfit. :-)

Much love from Mystic Nymph.

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