Saturday, November 5, 2011

****Little Chill In Big City****

Jeans - XXI, Boot - Nine West, Bag - Rugby, Shredded Tshirt - DIY, Necklace - Vintage/Naughty Baubles

Just some quick snapshots of my city trip a few weekends back that I never posted.  It was super cold in the morning and it had me seriously reconsidering wearing my shredded tshirt.  Luckily it warmed up......or maybe it was the rush of all the beads I found...and me and Dominique ended up having a really good time.  

A few lessons learned though..
  • Just because the price of your favorite meal at your favorite restaraunt nearly tripled does not mean the service is any better.  Infact it will probably end up being worse....Thanks TGIF on 5th what a complete nightmare it was :(
  • Don't even bother with the lower level restrooms at Macys. The lines are long or the stalls are broken.  Just head straight to the 6th floor with its extreme restroom.
  • Buy it when you see it when material shopping.  Going back in a last minute sprint will result in a price increase and associate attitude change at what was your absolute favorite bead store.  This will leave you with a horrible taste in mouth
  • And please check out the Forever 21 in Times Square. Not only do the have absolutely everything in its 4 levels but the merchandising is perfect....the way all the stores should look.  No shopping from the floor, no crammed fixtures making it impossible to see what that dusty rose block of color is squished in the middle of 40 hangers and chances are they will have your size
Outside of that all I can say is that I really am going to try and head to the city a few times a month.  Its so close and for some reason the chaos energizes me making me never want to leave. 

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