Wednesday, November 9, 2011

****Vintage Renewal 001 - DIY****

Embellished collars and chokers seem to be a pretty exciting trend right now and it got me to thinking about a different spin on adorned neckline idea.  So with a vintage tie from Grandpa, a couple random buttons from a craft store variety pack, a needle and some thread I got inspired.


  • Neck tie (vintage or not)
  • Sharp blade
  • Invisible thread (It was late and my sewing skills are the best so I figured most of my mistakes would be hard to see with invisible thread.  You could you what ever thread you like)
  • Needle
  • Buttons
  • Pins

So first you want to play around and come up with a good pattern.  This took quite some time for me especially as I started working around to the other side of the piece.  It would be a good idea to, every so often, put it around your neck to make sure it's  laying properly. Once you've got your design down, tack it in place.

Now get to sewin'

With it all sewn in place, grab the buttons (I used three) and mark where you would like to lie.  Make a narrow slit in the fabric just long and wide enough for the fastening button to get through.

To keep the piece looking refined I made an attempt at finishing the button hole with contrasting ice blue thread.  I just sewed around the whole enclosing the freshly sliced fabric. Now first I want to put it out there that I am not the best sewer and also to keep the giggles to yourself when you scroll down to the next picture. 

It's pretty scary but lucky the button cover most of it.  Add the rest of your buttons and show it off.

I have quite a handful of vintage ties and this was relatively easy so I am pretty sure I will continue making these.  Who knows, maybe a few will wind up on my Etsy store......of course after I nail down the button hole finishing technique or head back home to my Mom's and use her sewing machine..hehehe

Have a great evening and see ya next post...

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely genius!

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