Wednesday, December 28, 2011

****It's Okay, You Can Tell Me....****

....That I've been shopping a bit more than usual but I blame it on the great sales......  

-Lucky Brand Boots - $30 (down from $139)
-Snakeskin Pumps - $15 (down from $100)
-Distressed Black Denim & Supply Jeans - FREE thanks to a gift card!!!!!!
-Patchwork Denim& Supply Jeans - $30 (down from $198)
-H&M Sheer Bird Print Top - $13
-H&M Orange Mini Skirt - $6

Hope your Christmas was awesome and you got exactly what you wanted.  I know I asked Santa for sleep and I got that plus my all time favorite perfume Flowerbomb.  Other than that I just spent the days off in between my hectic work schedule  with family and tons of food.  I am pretty sure I will be wearing the bird top and orange skirt for New Years Eve.  Every year I get fanatic about what to wear and end up spending the whole day looking for items that only exist in my head and by the time we get ready to head out I am exhausted.  That coupled with a few drinks leads to me looking for a dark corner to power nap in so I'm gonna make it easy.  All I need to finish the look is a pair of navy blue socks and gold stappy heels.  

And yes I will be freezing my ass off upon entry to the club but its the price with Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon off I will have enough time to nurse my



Anonymous said...

lovely things you purchased, really like the bird print top xx

Kimberly said...

great stuff love the shoes and that top is so cute!

PitterAndGlink said...

Awesome deals! I think I need to go shopping with you! :)

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