Thursday, December 15, 2011

****Spring Musings - Cara Delevingne****

Although I am late on this and Cara may already be on your radar, I have found myself completely smitten with this rising star.  Biker boots, motorcycle jackets and high waisted leather pants seem to be her go to pieces and every look is complete with her "stare you down" glare and amazing brows. 

And right now you are probably wondering exactly how these looks stir up anything close to Spring attire but as Cara mentions in the video below, for some reason I am all about layered up summer attire now but as soon as the temps begin to rise I start digging down to the bottom of the closet in search of the denim I've neglected for almost 7 months.....especially my pale lemon chiffon ones :)


Joyce said...

I love her outfits and her ad campaign for Burberry :)She's awesome.

Chrissi Lai said...

She's stunning! I met her once at FNO, she's so lovely!

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