Friday, December 9, 2011

****Xmas Rush DIY 001****

With 15 days left till Christmas you may be frantically pacing the floor wondering what to do about gifts. 

First I want you to breathe...

Contain your anxiety...


Good, now read on for this easy to do DIY that won't break the bank.  Oh...your done with your shopping?  Got everyone on the list? Even the Under $10 Secret Santa gift?  Well fine then over achiever, you can read on just for fun....
  • E-6000
  • Flat top ring bases
  • Scrapbooking Fabric Covered Stickers/Buttons
  • Pick out the scapbooking buttons you want to use and the ring bases
  • Add a dab (very small amount so it wont get messy) to the center of ring base top
  • Add button
  • Place button fabric side down on a flat surface to dry 
  • Adjust ring base if slippage occured during last step
  • Let dry for 24 hours

The aisles at your local craft store will seem to be littered with scrapbook materials so the hardest part will be determining which ones to buy. You can get specific ones for certain friends or relatives and still have money left over for a candy bar to snack on while waiting in line.....

Oh yes, the lines will be long  and filled with screaming children and disgruntled husbands/boyfriends who don't understand why they couldn't just wait in the car despite the purchase being for his mother/sister/grandmother/aunt.  You may even witness the rare occurance of an upset shopper who swears the sign said $2.99 instead of $4.99.  You never know...

To busy to make it yourself?  You're in luck.  The "Blog Shop" is officially opened and these babies are now up for grabs. It will cost $15 buck for the two and if need more let me know.  Want it shipped gift wrapped directly to the lucky lady?  Not a problem.  I'll do it.  Just head on over either through the link above or via the tab on my header, check out the shop policies and hit me up. 

And yes, the Blog Shop is new and I will be adding tons of items (handmade and vintage) constantly so make sure you stay updated by following the shop with Bloglovin. 

1 comment:

januarysublime said...

These are amazing!!
We are gonna have to make some because we need them in our lives!
JS xx

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