Sunday, December 11, 2011

****Xmas Rush DIY 002****

Everyone has a fridge and, well, unless Chanel collaborated with Kenmore recently (and if so please leave a the link in a comment below...I may not own a home but that doesn't mean I don't need a very fancy designer every single one could use a bit of sprucing up.  And that's where round two of my holiday DIY posts comes into play. Using broken jewelry I'm sure we all have (or vintage pieces just acquired for the task at hand) you can easily turn the stark white rectangle in that room we all usually hate to use into something a bit more eye pleasing.

  • Old earrings (vintage clip ons or pierced variety will do)
  • E-6000
  • Nips
  • Magnets (found at craft store)

First things first we need to remove any trace of the future magnets past life.  It may be slightly difficult with the clip on earrings but try to severe it as much as possible.  With the earring posts one simple snip will do.

Now whip out the handy E-6000 and get to gluing.  Be wary though, only a droplet will suffice and we want to make sure the end result is neat and doesn't look like we did this over a bottle of white, tiramisu and sitcom re-runs.  We want the receiver to feel like we worked very hard to please and surprise them. I was lucky enough to find magnets pre-cut into the perfect sized circles.  If you find yourself in no such position they did have rolls of magnetic strips in various widths and the pre-cut squares.

Take another sip of your favorite poison and a bite of that savory snack while you let these bad boys dry.  Hell you could even go to sleep.  Its best to let them set overnight.

And your done.  Just wrap it up nicely and gift away.

Don't have the time?  Just head on over to the Blog Shop and follow the instructions...


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Schmancy! That's one way to bling up a fridge!

Rock 'n Style said...

This is a very fashionable DIY for a fridge! Great!

Also, I want to thank you for you sweet comment on my blog. I love the fact that you (all) take the time and effort to stop by, read my posts and even place a comment! You make my day with doing that!

Hope to hear soon from you, 'till then.. Happy holidays!


Rock 'n Style

Fati Otero said...

I'll never imagine the things that I could have with my old earrings haha ;)
Thanks for your comment!

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