Sunday, January 15, 2012

****Beating The Cold - What I Wore****

Jacket-XXI, T-shirt-Aerie, Jeans-Pacsun, Shoes-Steve Madden

So I guess working 60 hours and braving NYC with just a thin parka and fur vest will eventually take its toll on your immune system and....well....I'm officially sick.  My manager is on vacation next week leaving me in charge of a major 1st quarter floor move so I'm just hoping the cold doesn't get any worse.  And looking back, maybe wearing this outfit on a brisk and windy day wasn't the best

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!!!


Emilyyyy said...

Lovely photos, i love your jeans :)
Em xx

Sisi said...

Love your hair on these pictures!
You are so beautiful! So was the bracelet in the previous post!
Baubles as you may have noticed i've shut down my facebook!
Please if you got msn then give it to me:D

Chris L said...

Oh, don't fret. I would have worn the same on any given day :P

Love the look, and the shoes ;) ~

Kimberly said...

great outfit love the shoes!

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