Sunday, January 1, 2012

****Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia****

Top-H&M, Pants-H&M, Shoes-Betsy Johnson, Necklace-DIY

Oh yes and I am referring to one of the most hilarious shows running.  Why you may ask?  Well after the ball dropped and we found a comfy spot to sit at the lounge, my attention was above the bar at the TVs airing the show.  I kept wishing there were headphones to plug in somewhere so I could listen.  And just in case you don't already think I'm weird, when my ability to watch the screen was interrupted by my fellow intoxicated patrons looking for their next drink and wondering exactly why I was staring at them (even though I wasn't) I began watching the small TV built into the couch....that was on Fox News.  I guess I have the weirdest bar behavior around but outside of that my NYE night out was loads of fun.  An attempt to keep money in our pockets and out of the bartenders drawer was foiled by the completely ridiculous bag checks and after a Long Island and shot of tequila I decided my growing buzz could be put on the back burner until we got home....the shot was $10 and a mere droplet.  

As for my outfit, I originally planned on donning a lovely orange skirt that bought last week but I wasn't sure we would be inside all night long so when ahead and chose the more practical option.They are high-waisted, extremely comfortable and quite versatile all of which makes the $25 a great buy.  In the original plan the shoes of choice were to be gold but after much dilemna and a unsure purchase later, I came across my old Betsy Johnson heels and decided to go with them instead.  I love the lime green contrast and sculpted heel, something my camera didn't quite pick up all to well. Topping everything off was the chunky necklace I made before we left.  

With no morning hangover, money still in my pocket, a bottle of champagne and vodka still left over I have to say my 2012 started out on a great note.  What about you??


Strawberry Freckleface said...

So in love with those pants. They look awesome on you.

The Aquarians said...

That top is so frickin cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and i know what you mean about needing guidance on supply trips... i have to limit them to once a month so i dont get too out of hand!

Anonymous said...

the orange touch is beautiful on you!

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