Monday, January 23, 2012

****Just In 004****

Express - $36

Okay so I went shopping again....
H&M(skirt and dress) - $17, Forever 21(cardigan) - $14

H&M - $25

And lets not forget my lovely purchase back in December, the first of many from Nasty Gal.  I had it shipped to my parents and finally this weekend I didn't have to work so I was able to head over for a visit.  Funny story.  Around the same time these babies shipped to the house, my parents were expecting their xmas gift (both got new sneakers and clothes) so lets just say they were a prematurely excited about the delivery.  My dad immediately thought the box contained his sneakers and to his surprise a pair of 6" leopard wedges were inside.  Unsure about what was going on he immediately called my Mom at work while looking over the box.  As soon as he saw "Nasty Gal" on the label he asked my mom exactly what is our daughter into these  I had to physically show him the site to prove to him I didn't buy them from a stripper store. 

Nasty Gal - $51(shipped)

I've made a handful more purchases and last week made a run into the city but I have to say I've been catching some great sales.

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