Thursday, February 23, 2012

****Crooked Paths - DIY Necklace****

Inspired by I Spy DIY's Heartbeat Necklace and Keith Haring, my latest necklace has been getting a lot of wear since its creation a few weeks ago.  Despite it being made of somewhat delicate wire and chain, this piece is quite a statement and amazingly about an 8 hr floor move and this baby didn't bend or snag at all. Plus with the array of colored wire, this simple design can be made to match every mood and seasonal color trend.  Want one of your own?  

  • Tarnish Free wire (18 gauge/26 gauge)
  • Chain
  • Needle Nose pliers
  • Nips

Gather supplies

Cut base wire

Make some loops on both ends

Time to pattern neccessary

Done bending?  Like it?

Well then....mess it up

Grab that thinner wire and cut a nice long piece

Wrap it around...where ever you would like

Keep going till you're satisfied

Viola!!! Now add the chain and wear it out


PitterAndGlink said...

This looks neat! Great job! :)

Lidiya said...

The necklace is stunning and so unique, fabulous diy <3

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