Sunday, February 5, 2012

****Feels So Rough****

Sunday is such a twisted day.  Its normally the most relaxed day of the weekend but still filled with a dash of anxiety as it means the work week grind is about to begin again.  This Sunday began on a really great note for me.  Last night included a new restaurant with great food, time spent with my boyfriend and a few wonderful new discoveries. 

The first would be the lost gold leggings I bought quite a few years back.  Why on earth would I purchase gaudy gold leggings you ask?  Well, I blame Balenciaga circa their SS 2007 collection and Beyonce. I could not even attempt to afford the metal leggings she wore on tour and to be honest I am not even sure if they made it to production but when I walked through Target one day and saw the metallic lovelies gleam at me and then saw the extremely reasonable price tag I figured why not.  Into my closet they went hidden only to be brought out a few times in an attempt to be configured with other pieces of wardrobe but each time the attempt was meant with failure.  They did travel with me to Vegas as I thought if there would ever be a perfect time to wear them it would be there but again no such luck.  While cleaning out my closet yesterday I once again found them and decided to make them feel better after years on the closet floor with a small role in post.  Who knows..I may eventually get around to wearing them out.

As for the second discovery, that also happened while cleaning out my closet.  I tend to blast music while taking on the long winded task of deciding what will go from the floor back into the closet and as I was trying on a pair of jeans I found myself more interested in the background noise.  Turns out I was listening to Gotye and from the indie cool video and extremely chill vibe of the song I was hooked.  By 8pm Saturday night I had their album "Making Mirrors" and the CD has been playing ever since.  Buying the CD was also a new experience for me as well.  I haven't purchased one since Sade's last album and I don't download much music either (atleast not since I received a virus from one of those  It was actually quite nostalgic seeing as music stores haven't upgraded much since high school.  On a complete side note, they really should opt for a complete overhaul of the music store concept.  Maybe docking stations to purchase and download directly to your phone and offering discounts for doing so.  Also it would help to have knowledgeable employees.  In an industry being attacked violently by the internet, it sure felt like they were just taking and preparing to just give in and shut down.  Anywho, after employing the help of a few associates who had no idea what group I was looking for, I managed to find the CD.

But that was my pretty much my weekend give or take a few drunken comedic episodes and movie.  Hope your weekend was splendid and do enjoy the video....

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Great photos and blog!

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