Monday, February 13, 2012

****Valentines Day Plans****

Its freakin Valentines Day tomorrow and its the one day of the year where being a tad bit naughty is absolutely acceptable. And going along with the theme here's some fun tips on making one hell of a night....


Obviously food gives us energy but the food listed below give us that special kick a day like to day deserves.  Try incorporating these libido spiking foods into the night's agenda and see if the lab coats know what they're talking about.
  • Bananas
  • Avocados
  • Chilies
  • Figs
  • Asparagus
  • Basil
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Fish
  • Sweet Potatoes 
Got a little dash of Martha Stewart running through your veins?  Check out these easy recipes (just click the link for the steps) that I am positive you can do while simultaneously brushing your teeth, curling your hair and gushing to your friends about what you pretty sure will happen tonight.
Banana Oatmeal Cookies with Frosting Bananas are great energy sources and the B-vitamins are also a major plus for the night.  The prep time is relatively minimal and the cookies only take 8-12 minutes.  As for the frosting (which is simple to do) if you don't want to make the attempt why not just pick up some dark chocolate frosting instead??

Wild Salmon with Rosemary Sweet Potatoes and Lemon Asparagus Don't be afraid of the title.  The total time to make (including prep time) is only 45 minutes and it will really pack some wow points in presentation.  Just add some basil for an added

Brie and Figs Now if you have a decent amount of time on your hand then I would definitely go ahead and carefully bake the brie but if not don't fear.  It is just fine served at room temperature. 

What to drink you ask?? Moscato, according to the expert links on Google, should pair well with salmon, brie and figs.  Not a wine drinker?  No problem.  Gin cocktails mix well with the salmon while fruity schnapps cocktails pairs well with the appetizer.  Then again you can just go with champagne which works well with both.


Well it goes without saying that what one finds sexy is more personal than any single person can definitively  answer but that didn't stop a slew of people from going for it anyways. I won't be that person too much but..
  • Being comfortable should go without saying.  If you are not a lung squeezing, corset wearing lady do not try this on the one night where it going terribly wrong can leave a lasting impression.  If you've been with your date for some time and enjoy having those pant pissing moments of laughter then I guess it could be a plus one way or another. 
  • As for the statistics, apparently men like red.....just throwin it out there
  • The intent is for it to come off but that doesn't mean it can't be fun to remove.  Maybe grab something that ties
  • One study concluded that 84% of men did not like g-strings. Not sure that means we should all be running out and grabbing every "Mad Men" inspired look but its something to think about.
  • Also, maybe little boys were into peek a boo a bit more as a child than little girls but revealing only a little bit was another plus according to the stats.  Try something sheer (preferably in red...hahaha) or a pair of lacy boyshorts.
  • And if you really want to go there.....
Cosmo and Glamour can throw percentage after percentage at you but one thing to remember is chances are the guy already finds you sexy so anything you put on will be worth it.  If you want to wear it go for it..

Not coupling it up today?  No problem.  This is just as much a day to spend with a bunch of your best friends as it a lover.  Now you may not want to go heavy on the food listed earlier (you don't want everyone rushing out your front door looking for their FWB now) so why not opt for a bunch of fun appetizers and drinks that will get you all through the night.

With those delicious recipes in mind, you are probably wondering exactly what you and your friends should do outside of watching love stories and gushing over heartaches and it all ending with one recently single friend crying into a glass or on your shoulder about how it was all her fault...oh no, that is not what we want at all.  So to avoid emotional flashbacks you will need to keep their minds busy with nothing else but fun DIYs....
Have some of your favorite movies playing in the background and get to creating.
So there you go, a little Valentines Day inspiration for everyone.  Have a great one and c u next post...

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