Sunday, March 11, 2012

****The Great Illusionist****

I thought it was going to be a match made in heaven. A fun bold print.  A sleek fit. A plethora of shoe options...the list went on forever the minute I saw these pants floating around the blogging world.  I figured it would end up being that one item never to see the light of day in any of my local H&M's and I was fine with that.  The unattainable doesn't keep me up at night.  Then I snagged the magazine during one of my frequent lunch break shopping trips and saw the price.  It was at that moment I knew I had to have them. So I stalked and stalked and grilled the sales associates about them.  Are you getting a second shipment of this floral delivery?  Is this everything?  Did any other store receive more of a selection than you?  Do you have a style number?  DO YOU KNOW WHAT PANTS I AM TALKING ABOUT???? A tad bit on the psycho spectrum but I needed to know and then one great day I received confirmation that they will infact have them March 8th.  


Perfect that is until I tried them on.  I am getting really particular with fit these days. Gone are the days of coming home with skirts that need to be hemmed, dresses that I think I could have taken in, and pants that aren't oh so perfect.  Every month for almost a year I have been able to let go of items bought under these familiar circumstances and now all I see is money wasted.  As much as I love these pants, I had a interesting problem with the crotch....just a bit too much extra material creating the unwanted bulge when I sat down and a weird illusion that my crotch continued down a inch or so further than it really did (I'm quite sure everyone has encountered this all too common problem). 

Okay no problem, I will just try the next size up.  

Even worse....bad idea.  

The next size down?  

Yes..thank god......but only if I wouldn't feel awkward sitting down in a very specific series of steps to avoid any unwanted splits.

Guess it just wasn't meant to be.  And that's okay because the dress in that print fit like a charm and I definitely went home with the sheer blouse that pairs insanely well with my graphic black and white striped cropped pants.

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Dressed4Success said...

Great look and pants!! ;)

Nuevo diseño de pestañas/menú en mi blog!!;)

Clodet Illustrations

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