Thursday, March 8, 2012

****Just In 005****

Eat your heart out Alexander Wang  and fashion lovers alike.  I just walked away with a sporty, preferated leather number that cinches into the most darling peplum skirted top for $20 courtesy of H&M.  While everyone else was fighting to the death for whatever was left of the Marni collection, I managed to shop comfortably at my store and uncover what shall be my go to piece this spring, summer and fall.  And with the price tag coming in well within my budget, I grabbed a pair of super skinny cropped pants in a flattering black and white vertical stripe.  Did I truly need either piece?  Not at all but when life gives you nothing but rotten fruit (which is exactly what Walmart sold me by way of two mangoes that were meant to be chopped up in my fruit salad but decided against it) it can't hurt to buy something that will make you forget...even if only until you exit the store.
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