Saturday, April 28, 2012

****April Buys - Shopping Diary****

So I recently enacted a budget and I have to say shopping within it is much easier than I thought.  Not only did I realize that most of my money doesn't even go towards clothing but by chopping most of the useless fast food purchases out I can not only save quite a bit weekly but I have a teensy bit more for my closet.  

So what newness did April bring my closet?

  • Cropped Floral Pants - $14.95
  • Electric Floral Leggings - $14.95
  • Snakeskin Leggings - $14.95
  • Pastel Peach Lace Skirt - $14.95
  • Floral Mini Wrap Skirt - $9.95
 J.C. Pennys
  • Oversized Sequin Strip Sweater - $7
  • Peter Pan Collar Print Dress - $6
 I also picked up some b-day presents for my friend and two dresses for my mom for Mother's Day but that gets filed under a different expense account...haha I sound so officially it cracks me up.  And so after the annoying taxes now on clothing purchases I managed to still spend less than $100 for the month.  Next month I have a few pair of shoes on my list from my job so that may be it but they are on sale now and after my discount I might just be able to weasel in a new dress or something.

Anywho, its still pretty cold this morning after a bone chilling night but I do want to get in an outfit shot seeing as its been ages since my last one.  So I guess I'll c u next post!!!

Happy Saturday!!

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