Wednesday, April 11, 2012

****Hardware Obsessed - DIY****


Sure but lately I've been after awkward and chunky jewelry pieces and while strolling through the hardware store with a friend one day I felt like this typical door hinge would make a great pendant.  Its super easy to do and the variety of hinges was pretty decent so when you have some time make a quick trip to your local True Value/Home Depot/Lowes and head straight to the hardware department.  Perhaps a tip would be beneficial here too.....try to to look like you know exactly what you're looking for.  If you do take the help that will undoubtedly be dolled out to you please be prepared to explain why you need a door hinge to each person who walks by  and wonders why exactly is it taking so long to pick out a door hinge or, if you end up like me, why do you need to hold up the against a

Like I said, it is pretty simple but I just love the way it turned out and can't stop  wearing it.

Happy DIY'ing


The Aquarians said...

Looks great! Would be wonderful with an antique hinge too, off of an old piece of furniture or something (theres also hardware stores that specialize in antique pieces!)

Melissa said...

super cool diy!

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