Sunday, April 22, 2012

****Touch of Vintage - T-shirt DIY****

If you are like me, there is a concerningly large amount of t-shirts tucked away in your closets and drawers.  Plain ones, screen tees, ones that belong to a friend that you borrowed back in middle school and possibly even a couple a from a past relationship that have long out stayed there welcome.  Now although you should really nip this problem in the butt now and purge, do remember to hold on to a few good ones because I've been up to no good DIY fun with a few shirts and you may want to try some out.

First project up takes on a staple within any grandmother's linen closet.  Although I know I have tons lying around from my own grandma's collection as usual I couldn't dig up any in my keepsake boxes so I did in fact have to purchase one.  I will take a moment to express my outrage at the cost of such a simple product that my local craft store charged me.  At $9 I felt slightly cheated but luckily I did have a coupon for half off.  Hopefully you will either have a spare lying around that you wouldn't mind reconstructing or you may just have better luck at a thrift store. Moving on....

  • Doiley (actual size is up to you as they come in varying widths)
  • T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Transparent thread
  • Large piece of card board
  • Pins
  • Pen
  •  Start off by grabbing a large piece of cardboard or sturdy material to slide the t-shirt over
  • Now decide on how large you want the see thru area to be.  Just because your doily is so large does not necessarily mean your opening has to be that large as well.  I used a pen to mark the area and then cut but you could also use chalk or free hand it
  • Once your opening size has been determined go ahead and cut it out

  • Now lay your doily back over the opening and pin in place

  • To sew it on I first started with the small spaces inbetween the scalloped hem them went back over the whole edge.  I though it would be best to use transparent or invisible thread because of the two different colors and the fact that I'm not the most precise with a needle and thread....LOL
 Securely sewn on?  All that's left is to wear it out

With the Music Festival Season just getting started and a huge push towards clothing suited for all the fun, this top will definitely find a nice home within your closet.


Kimberly said...

looks great!

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HailesHeartsFashion said...

This looks soo great :) I am loving DIY blogs at the moment! :) Will give this a go and let you know how I got on! :)

Great blog, I am now following!


ellie said...

Awesome DIY and you wear it well too!

ivy's closet said...

Sweet! This looks really so cool. I wish I had your talent. Great style!

mazzy may said...

So pretty! Love your instructions too.

Joyce said...

This is such a cool diy, such a creative use of a doily :)

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