Friday, May 4, 2012

****The Beginning of The End - Friday Musings****

I remember when America's Next Top Model held auditions at Copley in Boston.  The line was completely outlining the perimeter of the upper level shopping was insane.  As my roommate and I casually shopped after classes, we couldn't help but wonder if it was really all that important. But apparently it was and apparently Tyra knew what she was doing.  I am not so sure I can say that now seeing as the two stars of the show and the hunky eye candy are out.  Why the three left I don't really know but considering they very rarely gave the girls any runway training in the last episodes I can somewhat see why Ms Jay might have left (although I am quite sure his contribution would be much more beneficial to any future model instead of coming up with your own song and performing it in a music video but what do I know right????).  Either way, I find them all irreplaceable and the whole idea of introducing bloggers onto the judging panel isn't settling well with me.  I used to look at the show as an actual way for some girls to get into the industry.  Some of them truly looked like girls plucked right off the runway but after a few seasons I've realized that most go on to do much of nothing and like so much else airing on TV these days its all for the ratings.  

But you're probably wondering why the hell I'm ranting on a perfectly good Friday with pretty awesome super moon in making.  After about five seasons, I no longer stayed on top of ANTM. Not because I lost interest...well at least not full interest...but my friend got DVR so scheduling my life around television shows no longer seemed necessary and I would just catch up with everything on various weekends in our usual 12hr television binges.  This has been going on ever since and unfortunately I have just finished watching ANTM All Stars.  With the season's own controversy aside my fondness for Allison Harvard was once again ignited and I am still wondering why she isn't gracing the pages of my magazines. Her quirkiness is perfection and I am still laughing over The Game's crush on her....I don't think I would have ever guessed that possible connection.  

Anywho, I Googled the hell out of her in search of any recent modeling work, found out she has an Etsy shop selling her artwork (check it out), will be gracing the pages of We The Urban's latest issue and I still haven't found a single reason to explain why she didn't win.  I guess only being the actual target audience of most of the brands these contestants will eventually work for and aim to attract doesn't really give much credibility.  I mean who wouldn't want to read a blog post from the girl who actually used the diaper on set...or who was on Celeb Rehab???

Okay, ranting over...enjoy the pics and have a great Friday night.  I'm on vacation starting now and it feels amazing!!!!

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