Tuesday, May 1, 2012

****Quick Fix - Reconstructed Vintage Boots DIY****

  • Laundry
  • Clean apartment
  • Closet audit
  • Prepack
  • Re-Prepack
  • Completely change mind on what to pack and feel compelled to buy a whole new wardrobe just for the week
This pretty much sums up my week as I get ready for vacation.  Come Saturday, I'm off for a 5 day break from reality and time is just not moving fast enough for me.  After organizing and then destroying my closet in search of what to pack, I not only realized that I don't have any casual boots in any color besides black the back of my closet I discovered a pair of forgotten boots that would be absolutely perfect if it wasn't for the mid-calf height.  No worries though, I managed to fix it before my last load of clothes finished drying and now my "new" boots are getting ready for a vacation themselves.

  • Old pair of boots
  • Scissors
  • Invisible thread
  • Needle
  •   Snip (making sure the zipper is all the way down)
  • Zip up as high as it will go as a measure to see where to begin sewing
  • Using the invisible thread, sew the two ends together going over the teeth.  This will make sure the zipper won't come off while you're wearing it so go ahead sew a few extra stitches
How easy was that?!?! I literally saved myself $50 that can now go towards all the amazing seafood I plan on eating in Newport, RI.

Hope your week's going great and see you next post!!!

Oh and just a small note about the boots.  I got them from Payless almost 10 years ago.  I was visiting my parents in Virginia Beach and at that time I had the hardest time finding high boots that would fit over my calves.  When I tried them on and the fit, I bought them on that alone.  I ended up getting a lot of where out them but what still gets me is that they are from Payless.  Everyone is so quick to judge about the quality of their goods but these shoes have held up better than quite a lot of other brands I own and paid much more for.  Price does not equal quality and that is something people often forget...


Unknown said...

woooh that is sooo cool! i wanna do that on my old pair too!

Mikimoto Angel said...

That is very nice! DIYs always make everything look so good as new. I love the reconstructed one a great deal. :-)

I hope you get to visit my blog soon. :-)

Much love from Mystic Nymph.

Happycolors and Granny Gee... That's Me! said...

I think that's just ... genius. I never thought of doing that :)

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