Friday, June 1, 2012

****Musing Over - What I Wore****

Do you remember Ashley Paige?  She is the L.A. based knit bikini queen who you may remember from an appearance on "The Hills" or her documentary "Bikini or Bust." Either way, as a huge lover of all things swimwear, her handmade designs are to die for.  Which brings me to the bikini shown above.  From her collaboration with Target back in 2009, this one is definitely a favorite in my collection.  Every time I wear it out I can't help but wonder where is she now.  I don't usually come across her designs haven't heard much about her in quite some time.  However, thanks to the Google machine and a lack of things to do one evening I finally sat down and checked up on her.  Sad news is most of what I found referenced back to 2007-2009. She does have a pretty nice site that is up and running with the Summer Lounge 2012 Collection available for view but I guess the only place to purchase the stuff is through the shop or contacting her directly.  Kind of a shame but at least I have mine and there's always eBay.

Anywho, its supposed to rain this weekend so I guess my beach whaling will have to be put on hold..

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Anonymous said...

Loved your blog :)
That bikini looks amazing on you I love the red crochet top.

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