Friday, August 31, 2012

DIY Bath And Body Products

There's no lie in saying women like their toiletries.  Talking first hand I couldn't begin to tell you how much money of mine Victoria Secrets, Bath & Body Works, LUSH and Crabtree & Evelyn have gotten since I've been gainfully employeed.  Over the years though I have curbed my need for quantity and today I can say I buy what works and only what I need.  However, while vacationing I noticed a major influx of beauty shops offering bath bombs, lotions and rose water like sprays that took me by surprise.  One store in particular grabbed my attention with the amazing smell that laid heavy in the air as you walked by and the amazing cupcake like treats outside on display.  Originally I thought they were edible (and so did my fiance) but as soon as we approached I realized they weren't food and before you knew it we were being whisked inside by an award winning sales associate.  

She gave my hands a mini treatment and showed me what one of my nails could look like if I used her completely unique nail buffer all in the blink of an eye before I could even turn down her offer. (I blamed my lack of resistance on being food drunk from a heavy meal of fried calamari and slightly tipsy off of a few Long Islands).  Anywho the time soon came and it was down to business. She gave me her sale closing pitch and as I felt my glowing, soft hands and regurgitated all the reasons why I should just buy the damn lotion the grand total was about as sobering as waking up in the drunk tank on a Saturday morning in Las Vegas (nope never happened but I can only imagine).  The lotion and body scrub were $65 a piece but she could give me both for the price of one.  $65 for a damn jar of coco butter infused lotion and a body scrub.......completely outragious.  

As I walked out the store I couldn't help but laugh at the other shoppers in line willing to drop such an egregious amount of money on products offering no long term benefits what so ever.  At least that $80 vile of serum from Estee Lauder gives you youthful looking skin.

As we walked on that night I spent time searching for at home recipes for some of the most used beauty products.  Now, armed with such information won't stop me from splurging on a Sex Bomb every once in a while when I pass LUSH in Boston but it will keep me from answering the call of another well versed sales associate.  Take a look below and feast your eyes on the now declassified articles your local Body Works doesn't want you to see...

Just because summer's over and your soon to be fading tan will be fashionably covered by nubby sweaters doesn't mean you should let go of your touchably soft skin.  These easy to make bath scrubs will keep your skin bikini ready all year long...

When's the last time you took time to enjoy a good bath?  Well, making a few of these should help rekindle the flame..

And once your done why not lather on homemade lotion and spritz a customized fragrance..

The possibilities are endless when it comes to any of these easy to do recipes.  Once you've got the technique down and a good supply of basic ingredients like glycerin, shea butter or citric acid you can create everything under the sun.

Lets also remember that Christmas is literally around the corner.  I am in the process of making room for my holiday merchandise as we speak at work and last week I started receiving my ornaments.  With that horrible statement said, these DIYs would make excellent gifts.  Find some really special molds (I love these, these, these and oh yeah these are adorable), some really great packaging and your holiday shopping woes are slightly over.

Before I go I also wanted to share a really cool soap making DIY that looks so simple I may have to start with this one.

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