Sunday, August 19, 2012

****The Escape 002 - Vacation Diaries****

t h e  h i g h l i g h t s :
  • Walks filled with color from interesting moss covered rocks to bountiful amounts of gorgeous hydrangeas
  • Loving the fact that we never had to order an entree because the appetizers were so big
  • A little light trespassing (onto one location in particular I will talk about later)
  • Finding the cutest stickers at the coolest skate stores
  • Realizing everyone has it wrong in not painting their  door hot pink and wondering if it is considering a lease violation if I paint our apartment door that exact color
  • Discovering the best dessert ever at Speakeasy - Creme Brulee with Banana Fritters  YUM!!
  • Advoiding being taken advantage of at the plethora of Lush-like bath/beauty shops that popped up out of no where.  I'm sorry, $65 for a bottle of lotion is completely absurd
  • A never ending variety of bars to stop in and grab a quick bad no one's turned a boat into a party boat.  Yeah there were all sorts of yachts docked in the harbor but something a lot less exclusive. We all can't afford a lovely boat called Trustfund Baby (yep thats what one sexy yacht was named) and how awesome would it be to hop on a boat at midnight and party it up till 8am listening to techno. Oh yeah, maritime law does not declare you stop the liquor flow at the same time as their fellow patrons stationed on land.
  • And yes, that one picture of a house is actually one that someones lives in. Probably only in the summer but it could very well be their everyday abode....gotta love Ocean Drive

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Carizza Chua said...

looks fun! nice photos btw!:)

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