Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ricky Rose` - What I Wore

Shirt/Jeans/Shoes - H&M

Lets just jump to the short version of this outfit post. Yes I am in H&M way to much and as usual I always find something that I just "have" to take home...something that I NEED.  This time around it all started with the shoes and the outfit grew from their.  

On another note, I hope everyone had a great long weekend for Labor Day.  With my mom's upcoming month long trip to Hawaii (so jealous), I spent it with her shopping.  The biggest purchase was the suitcase.  Despite handling luggage on a daily basis I don't think I ever paid attention to the cost. The last time I bought a suitcase was back in 2003 at Filene's Basement in Boston.  Everything their was a bargain and a hassle to purchase which soured the whole experience.  With the thought of the wedding registry and the my mom's urgent need a good set, I finally read the tags to compare and I'm pretty sure I choked....

Or was that my dad when I told him how much we would need???

Thankfully (more for him than me) I regrouped and we headed to T J Maxx where we not only found a great set that was the exact one in another store but a whopping $400 cheaper.  Bragging about our amazing find, I kept getting the snide remarks about buying from such a store but I have to tell you...I never had a problem with anything that I bought from any TJX store.  It amazes me what rationale people will use to keep from saving money. Price doesn't always equal quality it's just what good marketing has taught us. And no, I could not leave the store without sneaking something into my mom's carriage.  I've been flexing my tweeting muscles lately so if you're a follower you saw my changing room options and after a handful of pretty finds I ended up with the white button down that unbuttons up the back and is slightly sheer.  Absolute perfection and between my friends and family everyone keeps trying to steal it.  Don't worry though it'll make its debut in a outfit post soon.

Other than that I got a chance to spend some time with friends, barely catch up on Doctor Who,  and I got back to beading. Inspired by the need for a few arm party additions and Isabel Marant, I made some new favorites. Look for those hit the store by this weekend and if you want a sneak peak I snapped them with Instagram here. Thankfully its already hump day and I'm looking forward to another great weekend!!

See ya next post!!


Gillian Uang said...

Loving the casual piece :)

MarieStella said...

great top and chic wedges!!

Sisi said...

youre beautiful!
Especially love the first one, ur personality shines through!
Lovely smile!

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