Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is It February Yet - What I Wore

My Fall wardrobe essentials of late...

  • Long & Chunky Scarf
  • Leather
  • Leopard
  • Leggings
  • Motorcycle Boot

Despite popping Airborne on a regular basis and drowning my organs with water, the minute I forget that everyone at work is throwing around their germs like a game of catch and leave my meds at my parents I wake up stuffy and foggy.  Now I'm trying to nurse myself back since I cannot afford to show to work on any level less than completely prepared. Its crunch time now as we put the final touches on the holiday set ups, organizing stock rooms for quick and easy fill ins for sales associates and making note of what we are still missing.  Stepping in for my manager has already proven to be quite challenging from dealing with a dwindling staff (if you don't want to work please don't waste my time....seriously there are people who actually need jobs and want them), to brand reps (I'm sorry you are paid to believe that your brand is the best and I don't doubt that the revamp will be successful but right now in my store it's just not the focus and the numbers reflect it so no you can't get the number one location during the holiday season.....) to still trying to actually accomplish something by the day's end.  Although now February can't arrive fast enough I know this is the kind of experience I need to not only move forward but to be able to successfully run my own store one day which is the ultimate goal so I guess I shouldn't complain too much....LOL

On a much happier note I finally wore my leather vest.  This leather vest was one of the first purchases I made over 4 years ago when I started my job and it was one of those amazing deals you just have to celebrate.  It was originally $200 or a bit more and I grabbed it for $50.  Its real leather, has a moveable trim thanks to the wire built in so you can mold it into a peplum if you'd like and it has a removable hood.  I did wear it once or twice that first year but haven't put it on since...until recently. I wore it out to my first appointment in the search for my wedding dress and the funny thing is my friend ended up wearing it more than I did.  She didn't want to take it off and it seems to be a reoccuring trend with her and my mom trying to steal some of things....I am on constant watch as they are both pretty crafty.

In all the wedding excitement and constant inspiration hunting that also seems to consume so much of time, I have decided to start a new blog (YAYYY!!!!

Its called The Awkward Bride (check it out HERE) and it is basically my wedding diary to rant and gush on my different experiences.  I would love it if you guys checked it out but don't worry I won't forget about Naughty Baubles.

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