Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Leopard and Wood - What I Wore

Sweater - H&M, Button Down - H&M, Patchwork Jeans - Denim & Supply, Scarf - Forever 21, Shoes - H&M, Necklace - Naughty Baubles

Clearly my leopard button down and a scarf have become my extremely essential fashion staples.  Plus I can't stop wearing my latest necklace.  Its acrylic and wood chain mixed together making one long necklace and it literally goes with anything. I listed another one on my Etsy shop if you're intersted.

I was fortunate to have a day off today (although I do have to work Saturday) and spent most of the day listing new items on Naughty Baubles and the other remaining hours remerchandising my closet.  I will be buying new a whole new wardrobe system soon and in the mean time decided to get organized so I know exactly what I will need. After about three hours of a complete disaster and a half an hour of clean up I've come to realize I really don't have any clothes.  Your probably thinking "Yeah me too" while snickering in your head except for the two closets of stuff I wear but I really don't have much at all.  Considering where I started about four years ago I appear to purge consistently without replacing. For now its a good thing because I managed to make what was a whole Pax wardrobe system(the big double door wardrobe with narrow side unit), a smaller Ikea wardrobe and a five foot closet not counting the jewelry and shoe spillover into the bedroom fit into just the smaller wardrobe and the closet.  Granted I have four or five pairs of shoes sitting on top of the wardrobe unit but everything else fit. I am utterly amazed.

Anywho hope your week is going well and here's to the soon arriving weekend!!

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