Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY H&M x Margiela Leather Glove Coin Purse Necklace

So your best friend waited in line and still didn't manage to grab a single piece of the H&M x Margiela collection.  That's unfortunate and judging the prices on eBay for some of the merch its looking like she will just have to catch the next one or really, really pray that some of the stuff ends up at a local Salvation Army like with the Missoni for Target.

Considering how completely unlikely that last idea is I would suggest this easy DIY and surprise her with a unique piece of her own based of the collection she missed. (DIY after the jump)

I love interesting necklaces and after my last DIY with a coin purse frame I just so happened to have one more lying around.  What else do you need...

W  H  A  T    T  O    B  U  Y  
  • Small coin purse frame
  • Leather gloves ( I snagged mine from Joyce Leslie for only $2.99)
  • Chain
  • 2 Jump rings
  • Flat needle nose pliers
  • Matching thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors

W  H  A  T    T  O    D  O
  • Using the purse frame as your guide, trace around the frame to mimic the shape
  • Cut off the excess fabric
  • Depending on your glove choice you may or may not have a lining.  I did and to make my life easier, and my needle happier, I went ahead and removed the complete lining
  • Now the tricky part.  Line up the frame with the freshly cut glove opening.  Take note to see if a bit of pleating will be neccessary to ensure that very little will be left at either end of the frame. In my case, the opening was a bit wider than the actual frame so when sewing I had to gather the fabric a bit.  Because of the purse frame's depth the gathering wasn't as noticible as it could have been.  This step can take some time to ensure it is lined up properly so I do suggest soothing music and I wouldn't start this directly after a long day at work or school (LOL).
  •  Finished one side?  Perfect now lets start the other side.
  • Got that side all wrapped up?  Excellent.  
  • All that's left is to add the chain or rope(Margiela's looked to be silk cording but I wanted it to match the purse frame so I opted for bronze chain.
  • Now you can wrap it up for your bestie or rock it yourself.  But remember...the glove has a twin so you could make one for you and her.



Intrinsically Florrie said...

That is such a wonderfully clever DIY- I love it! :)

Florrie x

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