Sunday, August 22, 2010

****Blues, Boos & Leather Shorts****

I went shopping and went out on Friday......what fun!!!!

There are a few things I've been wanting recently with the first being leather shorts.  The hunt has been on for over a year and despite a few possibles and a lot of awkward looks from sales associates I have finally found my beloved Forever 21.  The find was somewhat irritating as I have been in contact a few times with customer service via email about this item and had a horrible experience in-store after finding a pair but receiving refusal from the associates to help locate another size.......needless to say the past is the past and I have my shorts. YAAAYYYY!!!!!

The other recently want is more a personal mission.....the mission to have more fun and get out.  My dad considers me somewhat of a homebody and is concerned that when I hit 40 I'm going to embarrass my children as I try to act their age and hang out with them.  He feels I need to enjoy being young now and get out. Recently his words of advice have hit home and I'm starting to now when I'm invited out I make an effort to go and am even starting to be the one to make plans.  Earlier this week I called up my cousin to see what we could get into and she invited me out to a blues club in Hartford called Black Eyed Sally's that our aunt was taking her mom to for her birthday.  It wasn't the traditional venue for most gals my age but its a start and I'm so happy I went.  Great food, great drinks, live music and tons of the other patrons expense. The night was filled with eyebrow raising moments and at the end of it all I learned a few things:

  1. Hair gel and balding don't go together
  2. Dirty dancing is not just for the young....more the young at heart and is a side effect of boos, Viagra/Cialis and live music
  3. "The Twist" is an appropriate dance for all genres of music and works well for slow or fast paced songs
  4. EHarmony may match you with the most compatible on paper but not so much together in person
  5. When out, do not make eye contact with the guy dancing on the floor alone........he will approach and it will be embarrassing
  6. Accountants make the best drummers
  7. Older guys enjoy twirling women on the dance fact that's all they want to do
  8. Fish bone isn't just they type of pendant I was wearing but actually a band
  9. Fried pickles rule
  10. Victoria Secrets really is the best friend for your cleavage....the results are gravity defying
  11. Don't lend your flip-flops to the person peeing won't want them back

I really wish I could have taken photos of the happenings at the club but there was no way to do so discreetly or without questioning however I was able to snap some shots of what I wore before I met up with the group.  The top and shorts are from Forever 21 and the boots are from Wetseal.....can I just say I am in love with these boots.

Till the next post.............

Made this necklace before I headed out and it caused one guy to remember the band Fishbone and didn't believe me when I told him I had no idea who that was and that they weren't the inspiration for the piece


carizzachua said...

i like the 3rd photo, so hot and sexy!

that cardigan looks great on you :D


Lovely look...beautiful shots!

Andee Layne said...

HOT look!

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