Monday, August 23, 2010

****DIY Sundays on Mondays****

What do you get when you  mix coffee, banana fosters ice cream, leather, pearls, chains and Nine Inch Nails.........

Well you get my DIY Sundays on Mondays project.  Unfortunately I  kind of like the ring of the title and it is nice to have an extra day for imaging and touch ups so I think that will be my new thing.  Anywho.....if you follow me on twitter than you would have known that on Sunday I was in a Nine Inch Nails kind of mood.  You may have even noticed that they are playing on my blog play list right now and I have to say I really like the mood they put me in.........very naughty if you will.  So with them in the background a cup of coffee and some ice cream I jumped into the project of the day.

Considering that my "thing" is jewelry making I figured I would make this DIY post about a new necklace.  After revisiting Lanvin's A/W 2010 collection and looking at the detailed pictures of the amazing neck art if you will, I was inspired to create some of my own.  Seeing as I am really into leather and chains right now, those were my main supplies and from there I just ran with whatever it was I first thought of and I have to say I am looking forward to the weekend so I can wear it out.

What do you think????

And below I figured I'd post a few pieces I just made today and an up close picture of the necklace I wore in my Gilded Age post.  Hope you like and see you next post.....

also inspired by a Lanvin piece

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