Sunday, August 29, 2010

****Change of Plans****

There is something about a pair of extreme heels and leather leggings that just make my day...

Sometime earlier this week my boyfriend mentioned a Polo Fashion Show going on locally.  Now my boyfriend is the official Ralph Lauren king...he works for the company, knows more about the products than most sales associates at either one of their retail stores or at various department stores, and has a growing collection any fashion follower would be jealous over.  So when the fashion show was mentioned I knew it wasn't up for debate whether or not we were going.  What was up for discussion was whether or not this event would be up to a true lover of the World of Ralph Lauren's standards.  In the small state that is Connecticut, true fashion shows are somewhat rare.  Many fall under the amateur classification and could only rival those at high schools or colleges.  In no way, shape or form do they come close to those under the Big Tent.  Many tend to only feature store merchandise and as the models come down the runway, the atmosphere fills with cat-calls and the model dances rather than walks.  Now I don't in any way mean to bash the hard work that goes into these productions but a certain standard expectation level is set with me when the words fashion and show are used together. 

Anywho, immediately my boyfriend starts to talk about the amazing royal blue embroidered polo dress he bought some time back and how it would be the perfect outfit to wear to the event.  As he was saying this my rosy state began to cloud.  I do love the classic styling of Ralph Lauren pieces but its just not my style right now......I'm into looks a bit more messy and downtown rather than uptown.  I think it must have broke his heart when I said it wouldn't happen but once he saw what I planned on wearing instead I don't think he even remembered what the dress looked like.

I just grabbed these shoes on Friday from my job and what an amazing score they were.  Jessica Simpson's regularly priced at $90 that I got for only $22.  We sold thru this style a while back and every time I used it on a mannequin I always had always reminded me of ace bandages wrapped around your foot and they didn't really come off to extreme.  However....and I do mean a really big however....once these babies go on your foot the whole game changes.  First off they are really high.  I think the heel height is around 5 inches and plus there is about a 1 inch platform sole too.  Then they are extremely comfortable and just add a huge edge to any outfit.   Needless to say they are the new favs in my rotation. The other new fav is my necklace which I made last Sunday that I am in love with and the amazing new location I found near my parent's house to take pictures. Its amazing view and very secluded to avoid the awkward stares as I document my outfit of the day.

Anywho once Friday night came I put on my outfit and then the plans changed.  No fashion show.......Instead we found a club that was free till 12 to get in and open bar......need I say more? 

So how did the my regularly 5'5 frame do with the added 5 inches and the free drinks?  Well there were tons of stumbles but I am proud to say my heels never left the pavement!!!

Till the next post.............

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Sisi said...

OMG great outfit and lovely place to shoot..

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