Monday, August 2, 2010


Dear Marie Claire,
Thank you for inspiring me with your August 2010 issue
My earliest memory of Dakota Fanning was her performance in War of the Worlds and for most of the last part of the movie I was yelling at my head of just stop screaming already. Well she has come a long way from the annoying child of Tom Cruise and has turned into quite the actress....and to no surprise of her fellow industry workers. And, like many sweet-imaged girls, she is now trying to break free of what we all know her as. As she says she has said during many interviews, although she is interested in breaking free of her current image she wants to do in a very natural progression. With the Twilight franchise and The Runaways under her belt, I definitely think she is headed in the right direction. 

Feeling very inspired, I tore apart my closet and decided to recreate the cover absolute fave.

BLAZER: h&m, NECKLACE: NaughtyBaubles, SHORTS: Holister, TIGHTS: Victoria Secrets, BOOTS: Bakers

Obviously my tights are a tad bit more adult than what was pictured.....I swore I bought patterned lace tights last year but then again things like that seem to be the most popular items to be taken by the little elves that steal my things......I actually like the way it turned out.
What do you think....
If you like the necklace check it out on Chictopia.....its for sale!!!!!

As she explores this new found young adulthood, its not shocking that she has begun to grace the pages in our beloved fashion magazines......what young starlet doesn't start here. In this month's Marie Claire, Dakota looked absolutely astonishing and the styling was so inspiring for me. The accessories...from the headbands to the body chains and necklaces to the Louboutin boots and patterned tights.....had me not only rushing out to buy chain but scouring the web for a more affordable version of the Victorian boots. Despite the more mature clothing she was wearing, I did find it quite clever that her make-up was youthful and her face still beamed of the young girl we all know.


Laura said...

Nice outfit...

Lucy said...

I love Dakota, amazing photoshoot.
And you look fab.

LA said...


Like your outfit!


Fatima A. said...

I love Dakota & she looks stunning!

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