Tuesday, August 3, 2010

****Madonna + Macys****

Its official....Material Girl is now available

By now every one's heard about Material Girl...Macy's hot new brand designed by Madonna and her daughter....but today it became official as it landed in 200 stores. What makes this so special for me...our store was one of the 200...and so I felt the need to celebrate the launch with a post. I have to say I was completely surprised in not only the price but also the quality of the merchandise. So much about this launch was hush hush...the merchandise wasn't even able to be unpacked until this morning....and I was slightly concerned that it was more about just getting people into the store and a fat check for Madonna rather than a lasting new edition to the Only @ Macy's list. However this morning I stood corrected. Yes its completely 80's but the line offers some really great basics like scoop-neck tank dresses and super soft crop tops all under $20. I saw the lookbook and some of the other fashion pieces that didn't make it to our store are equally appealing...high-waisted skinnies, studded and plaid jackets....and all still stay within a price range of under $40. All in all I'm truly excited to have some fun new merchandise in the store...even if its not in my visual departments. Plus with Taylor Momsen as the official Material Girl face and Madonna's daughter Lourdes blogging all about can't really do bad.

A couple pics of the set-up my manager did this morning........

So out of everything whats my favorite item.....that's easy....the faux leather bandeau top that's only $5!!!! If you haven't been in to a Macy's to see it yet you really should check it out as I have a sneaky suspicion many of the items will sell out fast.

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carizzachua said...

very interesting. i wonder if the shop would reach the philippines :D

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